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Our Services

At Refine Health we offer a variety of services that focuses on the root cause analysis of a patients symptom or concern. Upon your consultation our board certified provider will assess and determine the cause of concern and present treatment options to assist in meeting the patients goals. Refine Health’s specialty includes: aesthetic medicine including facial balancing using hyaluronic acid fillers, resurfacing and collagen producing treatments such as Morpheus8, acne and hyperpigmentation treatment options that begin with an in-depth hormonal blood panel, facials to treat the health and integrity of patients skin, and IV therapy to infuse vitamins and nutrients after seeing a lack there of in a patients bloodwork result.

The distinction and integrity of Refine Health is encompassed by the professional and luxury experience patients consistently receive upon entering our doors. Our patients at Refine are tailored to board certified medical assessments and treatment options to ensure their overall health and wellness. At Refine Health we have created a well-rounded private office structure that includes the in-depth root cause analysis of a problem such as a thorough assessment by our provider that can include bloodwork, EKG’s, and different diagnostics followed by their professional opinion tailored to different filler options, neurotoxins, medical grade facials, IV therapy, and more. Our mission is to encompass the harmony of aesthetic beauty and overall health and wellness.
"We look forward to refining your life."

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