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  • Immediate results

  • Helps correct a flat, sagging, cellulite-ridden butt

  • Adds volume and plumpness to the backside

  • Provides more youthful, feminine curves

  • Safer than surgery

  • Safer than implants

  • Non-surgical and non-invasive

  • Little Downtime


​Embrace the confidence you deserve as we artfully address hip dips and uplift your silhouette. Experience the transformative power of Sculptra and Radiesse at Refine Health, where we prioritize your aesthetic wellness, helping you achieve the stunning, head-turning results you desire. Book your consultation now and discover the beauty that awaits you!


Glutes/Buttocks.  Treatment lasts 12 to 24 months.


Depending on the individual one treatment session is required.  Future treatments are based on patient needs and objectives.

Schedule a free consultation to go over the areas of concern and personal goals.

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Welcome to Refine Health, where beauty and innovation unite to bring you the most advanced non-surgical buttock enhancement treatments. Our Non-Invasive BBL and Radiesse® Butt Lift are revolutionary procedures designed to reshape and lift your buttocks without any surgery, incisions, or implants.

With Sculptra, a remarkable treatment that stimulates your natural collagen production, we can create lasting results that enhance your curves subtly yet beautifully. On the other hand, Radiesse, a top-notch dermal filler, instantly adds volume and definition, giving your posterior a noticeable boost.

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